Vivace Music Competition is thrilled to give an opportunity for young musicians to compete and showcase their musical artistry worldwide. The competitions aspiration is to advocate international cultural exchanges through music and also to support talented young musicians.   

All Instruments 

Vivace Music Contestants Must Submit Requires Documents


1. Complete entire application form 


2. An unedited recorded performance of required work on DVD/CD or YouTube link

3. Non-refundable audition fee

4. A recent digital photograph (head & shoulders for publication purposes)

5. A short biography


Contestants age as of 10/1/19 will determine appropriate level.

Solo Catagories

  •  Division I : Youth - 5-6 years old  (max. 5 mins)

  •  Division II : Junior -  7-9 years old  (max. 6 mins) 

  • Division III : Intermediate A-  10-12 years old  (max. 8 mins)

  • Division IV : Intermediate B - 13-15 years old  (max. 10 mins)

  • Division V : Advance -  16-18 years old  (max. 12 mins)

  • Note: All solo contestants must make own arrangements for accompanist. 

Ensemble Categories 

  • Division III : Intermediate A-  10-12 years old  (max. 10 mins)

  • Division IV : Intermediate B - 13-15 years old  (max. 12 mins)

  • Division V : Advance -  16-18 year old  (max. 14 mins)

Preliminary Audition

Contestants may choose up to four contrasting pieces to audition from the standard repertoire

Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Jazz or Contemporary periods. Time allotted solely depends on the number of pieces registered (two pieces per registration). New age, pop and free improvisation of this genre will not be accepted and contestant will be automatically disqualified. Contestants will not be admitted to the competition unless payment is received. The competition will be judged by a pool of internationally trained artists musicians and pedagogues. Contestants who have passed the preliminary audition will take part in the winners performance. The committee will notify the contestants for admission to the winners performance of the competition within approximately two weeks of application submission. 


  • One movement of a piece will be accepted as a separate piece

  • Only original pieces will be accepted, please avoid abbreviated versions

  • Selections should not exceed contest's allotted time duration 

  • Contestants must perform from memory

  1. ​​​

Application Deadline

October 1, 2019

Audition Fees 

  • Preliminary audition fee for solo & ensemble performers - $60 

  • Winners fee for solo & ensemble performers - $150 

  • Audition Fees are non-refundable

  • Participants can make electronic payments through application process

Recorded Performances 


Recorded performances should be sent via application form with a video or YouTube link and must include the entire URL (clickable link).

  • YouTube or video link  

  • Contestants must perform from memory 

  • Recording materials must be labeled and does not have to be of professional quality

  • Videos must be un-edited

  • Judges' decisions are final and can't be appealed

Winners Performance

The Vivace International Music Competition finals will take place in the

Kimmel Center for Performing Arts (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). 

The performance of Vivace Music Competition will be open to the public. The final selection of winners will be based exclusively on the video(s) recording submission. Finalist will receive a registration form 1-2 weeks after preliminary audition. The jury's decisions are unquestionable and final. No appeals or comments will be considered. The performance order within each category will be randomly selected. 


Financial expenses for travel, accommodation and visa costs, if necessary, are the responsibility of the participants themselves. 


All stages of the Competition may be broadcast live and/or may be recorded and videotaped for broadcast, video, DVD, audio recording or any other format/media use. 
It is anticipated that recordings of selected performances may be commercially produced, that a documentary of Vivace Music Competition incorporating selected performances will be produced for television, and that parts of the Competition will be made available on the Internet. Camera crews may photograph the competition. 

Questions regarding any aspect of the competition should be addressed to and should be submitted by the teacher.

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